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Australian Primary & Secondary Schools Fair 2024, Taipei


Saturday 18 May 2024 : 12.00PM-05.00PM

時間 : 2024年5月18日(六) 12:00-17:00
地點 : 台北君悅酒店,君寓一(近東側門)
地址 : 台北市信義區松壽路2號



請填寫報名表格,並提供孩子有興趣就讀的澳洲學校資料。完成後您將收到一報名確認信,其中包含票券號碼和QR code。請收妥此信件,展會期間請向每所學校出示此信件內容。


Please complete this registration form and include the details for all children interested in studying in Australian schools. You will receive an email with your ticket number and QR code. Please show this to each school you visit at the Exhibition.

Information must be entered in English only.



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